Mar 12, 2018  

This is a personal website of Mayo YAMASAKI. I’m research engineer at NTT Labs in Tokyo, and I’ve been researching and developing information extraction and information search systems for cybersecurity documents. Previously, I worked for my startup company in Japan as a co-founder/CTO, and I studied computer science and computational linguistics at NAIST, advised by Yuji Matsumoto.

This site doesn’t reflect my cuurent employer’s views and opinions.


    Extracting and Exploring Threat Intelligence on Open Sourced Documents using Natural Language Processing
    Borderless Cyber Conference and Technical Symposium, Prague Czech Republic, Dec 2017.

    Automatic Extraction for Threat and Vulnerability Knowledge
    Computer Security Symposium(CSS), Yamagata, Japan, Oct 2017.

Selected Previous Projects

  • Grasphy - A web application to grasp English documents for japanese peoples (demo).
  • Camera for Fb - A iOS application to easily share filterd images on facebook groups.

Some places you can find me online:

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